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Artist Statement

In these paintings I observe nature and then venture to reconstruct it in a different way. I am working to find organic order, using free form shapes and colors.
The paintings are interpretations of vegetation and flowers, sometimes suggesting landscapes. I use a variety of techniques to achieve this; brushing, scraping
and pouring, among other approaches.

I spontaneously apply color, knowing something will take form and develop. Images appear and dissolve into the picture plane, helping keep the painting moving, 
dynamic and alive. With every mark and brushstroke I aim for a real and authentic path, while finding the most efficient ways to express what I want.

I am using abstraction and an intuitive painterly directness to reimagine nature in my work. For me, paintings which are organic and spontaneous tend to be the
most successful. The painting titles have an importance to the work, giving character and personality to each piece.

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