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Kevin Tolman


Albuquerque artist, Kevin Tolman’s new paintings reflect variations of the four seasons. He has taken aspects of the solstices, equinoxes, lunar phases, weather, and even the different seasons individually, as reference points and subjects for many years. “Approaching the seasons as a full cycle, as an unfolding, has been a vague thought that I suppose first came to mind while listening to Vivaldi.” Just outside Tolman’s studio door there is something always going on and the closer he looks, the more intricate and beautiful it all seems to become. “I feel like I could just paint variations of the four seasons for the rest of my days, and continue to be excited and fulfilled in that endeavor.”


Kevin Tolman works on several pieces at once and often the paintings are not completed for months. “This slow constant pruning and unfolding and the surprises in process are what bring me joy, and really what pulls me into the studio everyday.” There is a sense of chance to Tolman’s work.  “These unplanned results are definitely not possibilities I would have sat around dreaming up, but instead are experiments that are often fiddled with, scratched away or even painted over, until some sense of having always existed arrives in the work. At this point no matter what distance or direction I view the piece from or in which type of light, it seems that slowly there is nothing more to add or subtract, and a new wiggly world has been born.”


During this summer, Kevin Tolman is experiencing his second residency with the Foundation OBRAS in Portugal. The environment and culture of Portugal as well as travels to Ireland, Spain, France and Sweden have greatly influenced Tolman’s work. He is a native of Detroit, Michigan where he graduated from the Art School of the Society of Arts & Crafts. Tolman’s works are included in many private and corporate collections. 

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