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Artist Statement

Pauline Ziegen’s earliest landscape paintings were done outdoors in Kansas where vast stretches of prairie lead to distant horizons. Representing the unique dichotomy of where the earth seems to meet the sky or the apparent boundary between earth and sky, the horizon is, she says, “an ever-shifting location that you can never reach, yet it is always compelling.”

At the time, Ziegen’s landscapes were representational; however, the plein-air process of capturing elusive light effects was one of the keys to what she does today. “When painting outdoors, the goal is to edit all that information into something that is meaningfulfor me there is tremendous power in the restful yet aspiring horizon that both separates and unites.”

Ziegen has been “editing” ever since, creating suggestive abstractions inspired by the landscapes she views from a ridge-top home and studio on the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico. “...abstraction is all about editing and simplifying the visual world into formal elements that become metaphors of emotion,” she says.

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