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Jinni Thomas and Pauline Ziegen: Meditations on Light



The exhibition “Meditations on Light” showcases the work of two accomplished New Mexico artists whose work explores the beauty in art and nature. This show explores subtle tones and rich surfaces that inform each artist’s approach to painting.

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind.  Through techniques that develop concentration and clarity, one can start to see the true nature of things. With regular work and patience, focused states of mind can deepen into profoundly peaceful and energized states of mind. Such experiences can have a transformative effect and can lead to a new understanding of life.

Pauline Ziegen’s work captures the elusive space where the earth meets sky. The horizon is, she says, “an ever-shifting location that you can never reach, yet it is always compelling.” A longtime fan of Eastern philosophies, Ziegen is drawn to the perceptual elements and materials of Chinese and Japanese art, including her use of gold leaf, which she combines with Old Master techniques. Ziegen’s innate sense of harmony and balance results in meditations on horizons that are soothing, calm, and orderly.

Jinni Thomas’ work seeks to explore a quiet stillness and evokes contemplation.  The surfaces are achieved through an intense layering process, pooling of paint and sanding it away. She meditates on writing over and over and over again, building methodically layer upon layer. The artist constructs each layer with the knowledge that it will be covered or sanded away. Jinni states “All my paintings are self-portraits; therefore, painting is a selfish act of searching for and preserving moments of beauty on canvas.  From my days as a child wandering my Mother’s garden to my in depth study of Antiquity and the Italian Renaissance as an adult, the formal elements of Classicism and the desire to be emotionally charmed by beautiful things will always influence my creativity.  My art is an expression of my feelings and a need for beauty”.

 This exhibition is an opportunity to survey two artist’s work whose combined residency in New Mexico spans seventy years. They embrace beauty with sensibility and sophistication.

Who: Pauline Ziegen, Jinni Thomas

What: Exhibition of 14 mixed media paintings

When: August 30 – September 12th, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, August 30th,

 5-7 pm.

Where: Owen Contemporary 225 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501