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Natural Beauty Group Exhibition


Natural Beauty:
Group Landscape Exhibition

SANTA FE, NM. Owen Contemporary

Martha Mans, Kurt Meer and Cap Pannell are teamed together in this exhibition of landscapes that showcases their unique and contrasting interpretations of the natural world.

Martha Mans, creates expressive and energetic scenes of the southwest. With broad strokes and a palette knife, Mans depicts the rhythms of the land she dearly loves. Mans states “the evolution of my painting process has brought me to a point in which the subject, the texture of the oil medium and the physical application of the brushstrokes have become profoundly intertwined.”

For Kurt Meer, his paintings reflect a general sense of place, rather than a specific location. Water, sky and land are like mantras repeated over and over where the image of the landscape simply becomes a point of meditation. Kurt utilizes old masters techniques to create water scenes that possess a dream- like quality.

Cap Pannell interprets nature from his photographs and drawings to create the imagery for his oil paintings. Cap shares “It’s light that sparks my imagination. Light fascinates me. In my landscapes I tend to focus on the graphic quality of the scene and emphasize the light. I manipulate it to express a mood, a time of day, even a season of the year. As for my cloudscapes, they give me the opportunity to approach the abstract.”

Who: Martha Mans, Kurt Meer, Cap Pannell
What: Exhibition of landscape paintings When: July 26th- August 8th 2019 Opening Reception: Friday, July 26,

5-7 pm.
Where: Owen Contemporary,
225 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501